Systema naturæ

Systema naturæ is one of the main works of the Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus. In it he presents his ideas for the hierarchical classification of the natural world, dividing it into the kingdoms: animal, vegetable and mineral.

The classification of Linnaeus and botanical treatises of the nineteenth century have inspired this installation (formed by a series of “photographic interventions” of family portraits on elements such as leaves, feathers, eggs, minerals) with which I intend to preserve, to map the environment that surrounds me.

We deserve to be destroyed by how we are treating the world, but perhaps there is some hope left if we are able to look at all these elements and open our eyes to the absolute magic of nature.


Lorena Cosba

She is a photographer passionate about ancient and experimental processes. If there is no sign of her, you will find her in her laboratory or looking for treasures down by the river or in the old family closets.

She loves to combine everything and to invent new lives for these found objects: she usually works with photographic emulsion on natural and everyday elements.