El Tolar

‘Tolar’: a place full of ‘tolas’, bushes dated at the origin of the Earth. El Tolar is a photographic series which shows the untouched nature at a height of 4.000 meters.

The origin of humanity, a place where there is not enough oxygen for everyone. This series, with its use of black and white, aims to generate contrast through its landscapes, bringing to each image the feeling of being in negative.

Nature, in its origins, in its own purity, the untouchable and indestructible, and the contrasts that all this generates in a world like the present one, they are all part of the ‘Tolar’.


Laia Albert

Barcelona based photographer, with a degree in photography from IEFC and a degree in film direction from ESCAC.

Her practice is based on analogue photography in black and white, making portrait and documentary photography the main axis of her work.

At the same time, she teaches photography and is part of the photographic collective Taller Milans.

Her best known audiovisual works are ‘El aguante’ (Resilience), ‘Efímeras sombras de invierno’ (Ephemeral shadows of Winter) i ‘Abismos Cotidianos’ (Daily abysses).