The end of cathedrals

The title announces it unambiguously.


Jorge Fuembuena has chosen a territory adjacent to the mythical Jakobshavn glacier (Sermeq Kujalleq), to undertake an endeavor of romantic resonance: the monitoring and accurate record of the movement of this huge area that wanders the northern hemisphere, enveloped in a light that is detached from the chronology of day and night. An ancient ice mass that is simultaneously a primitive place and an uncertain territory, where the mutant morphology of the landscape is governed by random parameters, which no one knows, because no one has described them.


Adaptation of the text by Alejandro Castellote

Jorge Fuembuena

Lives and works in Madrid and Nantes. Teaches photography in la Escuela Sur on the Máster de Fotografía del Instituto Europeo Di Design (IED) and on the Máster Internacional Photoespaña (PIC.A). Represented by various international galleries, his work can be found in numerous public and private collections