Los Oasis de Egipto

The Egyptian oases are small worlds that have for centuries been frozen in a quasi-mythical time and maintained their own culture, giving rise to many legends.

Before those islands in the desert gave way to paved highways, electricity and TV, I decided to capture the soul of those places, the microcosm of those old villages that are about to crumble away.

«My approach was that of the patient hunter. I was looking for the hour, chasing the shadows and waiting for the moment. I wanted to capture the soul of the place»

Time has given a new value to this collection of photographs, set out in the book “Los Oasis de Egipto”; they speak of a world that has vanished, a world with few living witnesses.


Jordi Esteva

Writer and photographer, he is passionate about Middle Eastern and African cultures, and he has devoted most of his journalism and photographic work to them.