The artist just points out those realities that are unnoticed and gives them all the attention they deserve as the bearers of beauty that they are. Abandon is a consequence of our presence and a reflection of our species. That can be seen in objects, shapes, places worth seeing and that can answer THE question with yes or no.

In each abandoned object a certain beauty can still be seen, enough motive (for some people) to save this, our planet. Finding beauty beyond conventions makes us realize of the precious gift that we have in our hands, called Earth.


Jean Letellier

Graduated from in Parsons School NYC in 1994, he has worked during a decade on a particular photographic work. In his subjects he looks for “nothingness”, the detail, what is trivial, forgotten, abandoned every day, like the minimal (and colorful) remains of an everlasting memory.



30 Verntallat Street

08024 Barcelona

938 588 316