Révélations & Archivo de lo Inclasificable.

With his photobook Révélations and his exhibition “Archivo de lo Inclasificable” (Archive of the Unclassifiable), Javier Viver proposes a new read of the iconography of La Salpêtrière, the famous hospital from Paris.

Directed by Jean-Martin Charcot and sponsored by the French government, the archive was an effort making a catalog of the unclassifiable by using new photographic-documentary techniques. He dissected the marginal. It was measured, documented and classified in a systematic way. The result was an unprecedented photographic archive. Made with a “panoptic” intention, that of the disciplinary regime, a systemic document of the limits of the human soul.


Javier Viver

Sculptor, photographer and photobook author. His work is split between documentary and fiction as ways of showing the invisible.

PhD in Arts at UCM and advisor of Comisión de Cultura de la Universidad Internacional Menendez y Pelayo.

He has published the photobook called Aurelia Immortal (2017), Premio Residencia de la Fundación Enaire (Fundacion Enaire Residency Award). And photobook Révélations (2015), RM editorial, Premio Nacional al Mejor Libro de Arte (National Award to the Best Art Book).