The idea behind this project is to place oneself among the trees and vegetation, not only physically, to take photos of them, but also to enter into the analogue creation of the image using liquid emulsion. It is a dialogue with trees and with oneself, establishing parallels between sentences and paintbrush strokes, manipulating with one’s hands in the darkroom that which in the real world we cannot ever touch: the treetops.

DENTRO (Inside) proposes a reflection on our own fragility as human beings, about the bond that we have with Nature, in order to discover ourselves within her


Irene Zóttola

As a social-care worker, she uses photography as a learning technique for several collectives. As a photographer, she explores the boundaries of analogue photography to express her own world through physical and biographic self-portrait in her images, usually accompanied by a text. She learns and experiments with Slow Photo collective and works as assistant to the photojournalist, Pulitzer award winner, Manu Brabo.