To spot, to see from far away (something) without distinguishing it well.

Albiraments shows what we cannot, or that we don’t want, to discern with the naked eye nor with our imagination. That is what we do with the great issues of life or history, such as the end of the world or UFOs.

Photographic series by: Javier de Benito, who spots the sky at “Bajo la Luna”. Francisca Núñez, who spots the shapes of the emotions in “Emotipo”. Ramsés Rodríguez, who spots death in “Punto de cruz”.Marta Szewczyk, who spots timeless landscapes in “Terra ignota”. Carles Viola, who spots childhood in “Disnea”.

Curated by: Joan Teixidor

Organize by: Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC)



Instituto de Estudios Fotográficos de Cataluña (IEFC) is a Non-Profit Cultural Association. Since its creation in 1972 it has been devoted to the promotion and popularisation of photography in all its fields, with the philosophy of a public service entity.