The collection of the Railowsky Foundation. A small sample 

Photo gallery Railowsky was created in 1985. From the start it has been a project attached to the highly regarded Valencia bookshop of the same name. The inital years were difficult as art photography in the 1980s did not have the recognition or the penetration it has now.

Against all odds the adventure gained strength and consolidated, in part thanks to the help of great photographers. Photo gallery Railowksy has clearly made a commitment to black and white photography, from a classical point of view, but without rejecting other forms of expression.During this long period more than 200 exhibitions, both individual and collective, have been organized, and renowned photographers have been in our gallery. The list is so long that it is impossible to mention them all.

Fundación Railowsky

Fundació Railowsky began with four main objectives: to promote photography, to instill a critical vision of the image, to unite the world of the book with photography and to use photography as a tool for social inclusion.