Earth, Aliens, Hope and the Unknown

Social interaction is an evolutionary advantage that allows us to face challenges from other perspectives, putting in common and adding forces in a coordinated movement, where the collective result is greater than the sum of the individualities.

Film Shooters Collective is proud to present a selection of work for the Revela’T 2019 “Klaatu Barada Nikto” Festival. Our exhibit consists of traditional black and white silver gelatin prints and is the cooperative effort of 27 members from 6 countries. Photographers were asked to submit work in line with the theme. The photographs were shot using different techniques and formats including pinhole, 35mm and large format.


Film Shooters Collective

Film Shooters Collective (FSC) is an international group of photographers who are united by our love of film. We endeavor to provide film photographers with opportunity, community and education through publications, exhibitions, online discussions and articles on the FSC website.

We serve all levels of photographers and encourage the photographic community at large to join us on our journey as we strive to make film photography more relevant than ever before.