During a move, a box of slides, forgotten some years ago in the basement of the photographer’s studio, reveals new images due to the action of fungus and bacteria that eat the layers of the photographic emulsion.

Time, life and random things created new images, produced without a direct and willing action, and remind us that serendipity is part of evolution; chances, sometimes, bring great discoveries.

An exhibition which will turn into a hallucinogenic experience, lysergic, a whole discovery for our senses.


Fernando Maquieira

In 1981 he started working as a assistant photographer and trained in the field of graphic design. Maquieira is requested as a photographer to document the activity of different museums reproducing art collections, a job that has brought him closer to the works of art and exhibition spaces in the absence of the public which has led him to document fifty international museums during the night, one of his most representative works.