Microcosmos is based on the philosophical idea of the Macro-Microcosm, presenting an alternative cosmos that explores human understanding through 3 categories of perception: Spirit, Soul and Material. Using commercial souvenirs and tourists’ slides, ‘Microcosmos’ explores memory and documentation of human experience, similarly to looking through a microscope at bacteria colonies.

The work portrays our environment as an ideal world. The subjective choices made through photography represent the awe and wonder we experience when travelling and the memories we choose to collect.

The symbolic use of camera lenses, allows access to the collective memory, as a story retold of extraordinary beauty, diversity and sensuous nostalgia. ‘Microcosmos’, is a hommage to human culture as is perceived by all of us.


Evagelia Hagikalfa

Collage and assemblage artist from Greece, now living in UK. She uses recycled materials to create intricate pieces with evocative visual messages.

Evagelia creates 3-dimensional worlds with photographic slides, viewed only through magnifying and camera lenses, drawing attention to the human condition through detail and discovery as a symbolic process to introspection.