Following the massive hurricane Katrina in late 2005, he was assigned by National Geographic magazine to attempt to tell the story of what had happened not only to the place but to the people. He arrived in January some five months after the storm had hit and was amazed to see how little recovery and reconstruction had begun.

These pictures were all made with an antique Speed Graphic film camera, one which requires real contemplation and concentration for every image, every piece of film. It was perhaps that framework, established by the camera, that forced him to look at things in a very static way. Each photograph was a considered moment.  


David Burnett

David has spent much of his 50 year career working for news magazines in the US and Europe. He co-founded Contact Press Images in 1976, the New York based photo agency.  He is currently working on a story about the Apollo 11 moon mission, the launch of which he photographed 50 years earlier, in 1969.