Marisol, el resplandor de un mito

This exhibition shows a series of photographs made by César Lucas, the Spanish photographer that has shot more Josefa Flores González than anyone, whose stage name was Marisol, during most of her career as actress and singer. Pepa Flores started her career as a wunderkind around 1959 and ended it in 1985.

The artist was discovered by the cinema producer Manuel Goyanes after seeing her play and sing in a traditional dance and music group. Also, she got the award as the best child actor at Venice Film Festival, was the star in many films, TV programs, recorded discs and started an international career.


César Lucas

One of the most important photojournalists in Spain. In 1960, he works for Pueblo newspaper, in 1965 he creates his own agency and starts working with big cinema international stars. He was also graphic editor at El País and then becomes a long period as photography director at Grupo Zeta, with magazines such as “Interviú” and “Viajar”.


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