Syracuse 1981

[…] I walked around Syracuse and after a few days I discovered a lively street corner in the downtown area. At the corner of S. Salina Street and East Fayette Street, I soon found out that Syracuse had more mentally disabled people per square foot than anywhere I’d ever been in my life.

Suddenly, a great opportunity of doing good work opened up. Every day in the afternoon all of these men and women would leave their jobs and gather at the bus stop their lunch boxes in hand, to wait for the bus that would take them back to their housing. Many of them were able to live in houses with a number of others like themselves rather than living in assisted living facilities, and this gave them a sense of independence and accomplishment.


Bruce Gilden

Member of Magnum since 1998. He calls himself a street photographer and he is interested in finding out how people share a common urban space. For 25 years, his work, unfinished so far, deals with NY inhabitants. In his photos he uses an electronic flash making his subjects aware of his presence.