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This project portrays the cohabitation, in a shared flat, of people who are not students.

Adults, who cannot afford to live on their own with the current precarious salaries, who share time and space: Intimacy, medical care and meal-times, a strange nuclear family that may become the norm. Humans adapt to the situations that are being created and look for ways of surviving. That’s why the Earth needs to keep on revolving, no matter how difficult we find things, we keep on going.


Ana Benavent

She mostly enjoys expressing herself through photography. Body, movement, drawing and texts are also her daily tools.

She teaches photography and yoga. Currently, she is doing a postgraduate degree in therapeutic and participative photography. She has exhibited her photos in Barcelona, Madrid and Manchester.


Carrer d’en Rosic, 3,

08003 Barcelona

935 16 05 45