50 fotografías con historia

50 fotografías con historia proposes a tour through the last 80 years of this discipline in Spain. Each photograph is the reflection of a period starting with the Civil War, when photojournalists, such as Centelles, emerge and become the narrators of the conflict. The postwar period brings names such as Terré, Maspons, Catalá-Roca, Masats or Colom, examples of documentalism and photojournalism.

We continue with the “Transición” (the moments just after the death of Franco) with photographers such as Alberto García-Alix, Chema Madoz or Miguel Trillo.

We then pass through the boom of documentalism and the new focus on the outside world of the 90s up to today with key artists such as Cristina García Rodero, Navia, Isabel Muñoz or Sandra Balsells.

Among those selected there are 17 National Awards of Photography


AC/E y Signo editores

This exhibition is created after the book of the same name published in 2017 by Signo editions. AC/E wanted to turn this into an exhibition to be shown in public spaces, with an attractive design and a structure adapted to all levels of knowledge. The initiated will relish the discovery of unknown works, artists and curiosities. and the general public will emerge with many new ideas and a better understanding of this amazing discipline.