Help us to make it possible

Now you can help us to keep the festival alive with a small contribution, but there’s more…

Keep on reading and the best thing is that it won’t cost you ANYTHING (well… mostly)

Organizing Revela’T means a great efforr every year for Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto. The festival grows every year but the help of the instituions and sponsors doesn’t. In this country where people thing everything is for free makes it hard for us to self fund the festival.

Talking with some of you, you have given us the idea to offer a unique way to show your fidelity with the festival with some small fees, which of course come with some benefits. We think that the best way to make this copperation possible, other than taking part in the programmed activities every year, is becoming a Revelat’T Friend for a small fee.

Each Revela’T Friend agrees in paying every year a single fee, which will be used to organize the current Revela’T. In exchange he/she will have access to some exclusive advantatges.

We have prepared 3 kinds of fees.

What are you getting for it?


50€ fee 

  • Discounts in photographic shops, both online and physical.
  • Merchandising set (Book of the current edition, totebag, T-shirt and handheld program)
  • Free entry to the exhibitions


100€ fee

  • Discounts in photographic shops, both online and physical. 
  • Merchandising set (Book of the current edition, totebag, T-shirt and handheld program)
  • Free entry to all the activities of the festival (exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, demonstrations, photobooks, etc…)
  • Free entry to the exclusive bruch with all the photographers, sponsors and representatives from the institutions on the opening Friday.
  • 10% discount in all workshops, in Vilassar, Barcelona and Madrid anytime during the year.


300€ fee

  • Collectives, firms and institutions can become a protector friend of the festival. They will have the benefits of two 100€ fee and will be mentioned in the festival website.



Your money is not lost, is just an advance payment…

…so we can do all those tasks, but you recover it during the festival or during the year with the workshops or during the year with the workshops. With this you show your compromise with our common passion for photography and with the festival, so we would be thankful for life.


Thanks for everything.

Choose in the drowdown menu your form of cooperation.

Or… for the love of art.

You decide the amount. If your contribution is more than €50 per year, you will enjoy all the advantages of being a member.

In this case you can make a transfer to ASSOCIACIÓ FOTOGRÀFICA ESPAIFOTO – ES44 0081 0379 8800 0114 2220 (Banco Sabadell) and don’t forget to send us your personal information.


Why do we ask for your collaboration?

The Revela’T festival is supported by the Asociación Fotográfica Espaifoto, a non-profit association and a team of people who with a lot of effort and willigness  make it possible for us to meet, edition after edition, in the best festival of analog photography.

During these six years we have tried to offer quality exhibition projects, interesting workshops for all tastes, quality and variety at the trade fair and interesting and enjoyable talks and demonstrations. But we also have to keep active social networks, the blog, web, we do workshops, outings and many more things throughout the year. The festival is growing and there are more and more needs, both work and economic, to continue improving the programming year after year, but income is limited and we have to find imaginative formulas to cover them.

Sharing and disseminating photography and culture is not easy and although we have contributions from different institutions and private sponsors (which we can never thank enough for what they do for us) we do not manage to cover all these needs.

For this we ask to you for your support, which for you can be a small effort, for us is everything. 


Are there other ways?

There are always other ways, although what interests us most is to have liquidity to be able to pay suppliers, consumables, production, etc., you can always help us by sharing news about the festival, collaborating as a volunteer, helping on the blog or in other ways that we can’t even think of now.

We are a community that bets on analog photography and the values it entails, perseverance, patience, effort; trying to improve society through them, being honest and wanting to share with you our passion, but also our concerns and needs.

That is why we ask for your help to continue with this project of which we are proud and which we hope to be able to maintain for a long time with your trust and commitment. 

We are aware of the support and affection that many of you have for us. We know that many of you know each other personally through the festival and we propose to unite a little more through this unique and incomparable project. .


Long live to the Revela’T