What can you do during festival Revela’T 2019?

Here you will find interesting information to plan your stay at the festival.

On Friday (this year 7th of June) most of the photographers arrive, as well as all who want to spend a weekend immersed in photography: getting to know people with the same interests, visiting exhibitions, learning, meeting with friends, getting new material or buying something, having some beers and dancing with the party that we have organized for you.

The festival opens its doors on the 7th of June and will be opened until the 16th in Vilassar de Dalt and Barcelona.

During the first weekend (June 7th, 8th and 9th) the activity will be focused in Vilassar de Dalt. During the second, we will put our attention in Barcelona, on June 15th at Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm.

If you are already here on Friday you can start enjoying the festival.

We will meet at 19:30 at Teatre de la Massa, where we will start with the film De donde no se vuelve by Alberto García Alix. We will also have him there, so he can explain firsthand his works.

Next we will present the program; we will give our Silver Lapel Pin to a renowned photographer. To welcome you, you are invited to have some beers and to eat something while listening to good music.

Activity open to the public

June 7th to 16th

Several locations. Tickets at 6€ on the website or 7€ at the ticket booth.

The ticket is valid for the whole weekend. The OFF exhibitions are free.

The main activity of the festival is the exhibitions: 35 at Vilassar de Dalt and 12 in Barcelona at the Revela’T OFF, in several galleries and community centers downtown. We will have two exhibitions by two of the great photographers of Magnum, Bruce Gilden and David Burnett, an anthology of René Maltête and a retrospective of the works of the great Lebanese photojournalist Ramzi Haidar. Also, many other international authors will visit us such as Alex Timmermans, Nobuyuki Kobayashi or Bill Moseley, and some Spanish such as Alberto García-Alix, Eduardo Nave, Fernando Maquieira or Jorge Fuembuena.

In this edition we will host the great exhibition “50 fotografías con Historia” by Acción Cultural Española, a review to the Spanish photography of the XX century; with 17 national awards and names such as Chema Madoz, Cristina García Rodero, Navia, Isabel Muñoz, Agustí Centelles, Terré, Maspons, Català-Roca, Masats, Colom. This exhibition will be seen in Barcelona, at Paseig Colom, until the end of August.

June 8th and 9th from 10:00 h to 21:00 h.

As every year, you will find in Revela’T a Commercial Fair with several commercial brands and collectors who deal with analogue photography.

This is something that attendees looking for materials can’t miss, with a great variety, quantity and all in the same place. It’s a good occasion to get material and to pamper yourself.

In the grass area of Parc de Can Rafart you will also find the Photography Market, where selected photographers will show and sell their works directly to the audience, with no middlemen… A real added value: to be able to buy straight from the artist who created that work.

Both, the stands for the Fair and the Market are placed at Parc de Can Rafart, a place where things happen constantly, as also demonstrations, presentation of products, raffles and other things will take place. Those will cheer the area of the Commercial Fair.

June 8th and 9th, morning.

Free activities

Parc Can Rafart

Photographic collage workshop

By Societat Barcelonina de Collage. All materials are included.

Societat Barcelonina de Collage proposes us an approach to the analogue collage technique from the experimentation, creativity and play. Several exercises will be done, focusing in how to show and illustrate ideas and concepts using collage with photography. Chaos is part of the collage technique and there are no rules to follow. It is very funny and there’s no particular age to do it. However, this time we come a call to families…

Collage is a very accessible technique which gives lots of option to play. Also, it is a creative work. This is an excellent exercise that stimulates imagination, we forget some rules, and we connect ideas. Each kid will take home his/her collage.


Chemigrams, open air darkroom

Done by collaborators of Revela’T

Special for families with children of all ages who want to discover the magic of analogue photography. We will experiment with developers, fixers and several materials and with the photosensitive properties of different papers. All this will be done open air, with no need to go into a darkroom, and without the need of using a camera.

You can take home the results.


Giant camera obscura

Done by members of Estudio el Palmeral

Camera obscura consists in making a small hole in a completely dark room. On the opposite wall an image of the exterior will appear. In this occasion, the members of Estudio el Palmeral have created an inflatable camera where you can go in and see how the light behaves, you can see what happens inside a camera, observe the phenomenon and why it happens, and also get images on light sensitive paper. Photographic process from the beginning to the end.

Also, there will be demonstrations by Kokoro, book binding, by Colectivo Ropatendida, by White Rabit and others.

Saturday June 8th from 11h to 18h

Sala Polivalent at Parc de Can Rafart.

Free activity

Alex Timmermans

11:00 to 12:00

Wet plate has always been present in Revela’T exhibitions. This year we have chosen the works by Alex Timmermans. We will be able to see his exhibition “Storytelling“ at the exterior of Plaça de la Vila, with photos that are deliciously whimsical, usually provocative, full of strange and surrealist elements, with an interesting variation of narratives.

Alex will explain us his creative process, how he designs and manufactures accessories, how he looks for the right places and where does he find the best light. His only tool is a simple wooden camera, vintage brass Petzval lenses and lots of patience.


Ramzi Haidar

12:00 to 13:00

Photographer, journalist and director of NGO “Zakira”. He has been working for more than 30 years as photojournalist, covering the main wars and invasions in Middle East and winning several prices for his work. He currently manages NGO “Zakira”, a project he created in 2003, devoted to promoting photography and honest journalism.

We will be able to see his exhibition at Cal Garbat factory.


Film Shooters Collective

13:00 to 14:00

A unique chance to chat with the representatives of FSC, an international group of photographers who struggle to give to those who shoot with film the opportunity, the community and education through their publications, exhibitions, online discussions and articles in their website.


Nobuyuki Kobayashi

17:00 to 18:00

Nobu will explain us his vision of photography, the work with a large format camera, his work with platinotype over Hosokawa Kozo Washi Paper, a paper declared as World Heritage by Unesco . A unique experience after or before seeing his exhibition at cal Garbat factory.



Saturday June 8th


Parc de Can Rafart

Activities for families and children and demonstrations during the whole day. See dedicated section.

Popular paella at 14:30h. This time we will have 5 different varieties and a vegan option.

Foodtrucks during the whole day with different meals to choose from.

Dinner with live music from 20h, with Artur Bogunyà Trio, followed by a fire show done by Diabòlics anònims and Tabalers. Then the party starts with Brigitte & David Sam Quartet, and the great DJ EDU to follow.

Cal Garbat factory

Book Corner where several of the photographers who exhibit will show and sell their photobooks. (This activity doesn’t have a programmed schedule, it will depend on each author’s availability).

Sunday June 9th

Parc de Can Rafart

Activities for families and children and demonstrations during the whole day. See dedicated section.

Don’t miss the giant cyanotype and the group photo at 12h

Popular lunch at 14:30h.

Foodtrucks during the whole day with different meals to choose from.

Cal Garbat factory

Book Corner where several of the photographers who exhibit will show and sell their photobooks. (This activity doesn’t have a programmed schedule, it will depend on each author’s availability).

Saturday June 8th from 18:30h a 21h

Sala polivalent del Parc de Can Rafart

Free activity.

The idea behind LABsurfing is to organize a meet up among groups, innovative proposals or festival from different parts of the world to create connections among singular photographic projects. To create a platform to project, connec and create an area to exchange ideas, methods, knowledge; get to know each other, establish links and be able to create new joint projects helping to promote them amongst programmers and professionals from the cultural sector. And in a future, try to find economic support with sponsoring companies to support them.

During the presentation, groups will have an assigned time to present their project and time to answer the questions of the assistants.

The Residence for photographic creation and experimentation is one of the main points of the festival. It has become something more than a meeting point for photographers from all over the world. The seed of a community that grows every year around a common interest of sharing, living and experimenting historical processes from new approaches to the contemporary chemical photography.

Every year the works done by the participants on the previous edition are exhibited. This year we will see works by Luis Preto, Alla Sorochina, Jose Julián Ochoa, Zaida Kersten, Déborah Kempczynski, Enrique Freaza and Fabienne Forel.


Participants in 2018 edition

This is the list of participants in 2019 edition chosen from the call.

Brian Henry

Cédric Friggeri

Irene Zóttola Carretero

Magdalene Wanderlust

Nacho Rivera

Naroa Pérez Iguarán

Thomas Ming-Hui Stanka

As every year the residence is tutored by Joaquín Paredes and Ana Tornel, and this year Enrique Freaza joins the team.

Workshop “detrás de la cámara” with Oscar Molina

Museu arxiu municipal. June 8th and 9th

120,00€ link for further details

Workshop “Detrás de la cámara” aims to explore a map of the creative process and some of the questions that appear along its path: what does it take to become an author? can an author be original? how to build a personal photographic process? how does the author know what he/she wants, can and should be? Let’s go to find those and more answers.