Photogravure Workshop

Taught by: Constanza Isaza and Andrés Pantoja

(in Spanish and English)

The photopolymer engraving process is a modern gravure printing process. Its origins lie in the processes of heliogravure and gravure, developed in the nineteenth century.

The process involves placing a photographic transparency on a photosensitive metal plate and exposing it to ultraviolet light. During the process, the areas of the plate that have been blocked by the image in the transparency are engraved, creating gaps in the plate, while the areas that have been exposed through the transparency remain in relief.

The plate can be placed through a printing press to make engravings. First, the plate is covered with grease ink, which is introduced into the engraved areas of the plate. Then it is polished so that the surface of the plate is clean, but the holes in the plate continue retaining ink. The plate is sandwiched with a sheet of wet printing paper and placed through an engraving circle; the pressure pushes the wet paper towards the holes in the plate, where it picks up the ink.

The process of making these prints requires a lot of time and labor, but the final product, with a fine detail, depth of tone and tactile nature, is different from any other printing process. It is also a very meditative and enriching process for the artist, since all the senses and the body have to be tuned with the image and take part in the production of the printing.


Constanza Isaza

Constanza Isaza Martínez is a visual artist based in London, who works mainly in photography. She was passionate about this discipline from a very early age. Studied Photographic Art at the University of Westminster, and graduated in Fine Arts in 2007. In 2012, she completed a master’s degree in Art History with a distinction from the Courtauld Art Institute.


Andrés Pantoja

Andrés Pantoja is a visual artist based in London, who has worked mainly with photography. After graduating as a graphic designer and working as a freelance. Then he moves towards a career in visual and plastic arts, and he obtains his meritorious thesis in 2010. He has worked as a visual artist, graphic designer and independent photographer. His artistic practice relates to the relationship between digital, analog and photographic historical processes and the intersection between light and shadow.


Schedule: from 10 am to 14 pm and from 16 to 20 pm
Date:Friday, May 25
Place: Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny Pau Gargallo  
Carrer de Molí de la Torre, 8, 08915 Badalona, Barcelona
933 99 76 52
Price: Reducido price untill 1st of may 250€ . Standard price 275€

Material included

Photogravure Workshop

Those who sign up to the workshop you can send between three and five images to the mail, or via Dropbox. Images must be converted to black and white, in Adobe RGB, 16 bits, at a minimum size of 360dpi, 21 cm from the longest side. Maximum deadline for delivery of images Saturday May 19th, 10:00 am.