Korean Dreams

Korean Dreams plays on the concepts of reality and fantasy, both of which recur in her previous work. She traveled to North Korea for this project, capturing scenes of one of the world’s most secretive societies. Many of her photographs are candid, and were taken using a remote trigger to avoid detection.

Daoust’s darkroom method also mimics the way information is transferred in North Korea – it is stifled until the truth becomes ‘lost’ in the process. Korean Dreams explores identity and the way North Koreans are fed disinformation from an early age.

Matt Paish


Nathalie Daoust (Montreal, 1977)

Nathalie Daoust’s photographs reflect a love for random places and a wild, inexhaustible sense of inquisitiveness. Exploring and documenting rarely visited landscapes, she offers voyeuristic insights into these otherwise veiled existences. She has taken photos not only of  Tokyo’s red light district and New York hotel rooms but also of Brazilian brothels and Swiss naturists living in the Alps.

Georgia Haagsma