100 Kilometers

Following the traces of the Death Marches from Auschwitz 1945 with a Camera Obscura

In January 1945  German SS forced the approximately 60.000 Auschwitz prisoners to march off the camps in winter. Countless prisoners died during the march due to cold and hunger and thousands were shot by SS gunmen. 70 years later, Matthias Hagemann followed those historical tracks, walking during  four winter days via Gliwice towards Blechhammer. He looked out for historical places and situations with a pinhole camera: fields, railway tracks, forests, barns, country roads, mass graves and jewish cemeteries.

His pinhole photos transform these traces by amorphous stains and blurred views, creating a dense emotional perspective.


Matthias Hagemann (Germany, 1967)

He works in pinhole photography since 1996, mainly in black and white. His projects focus an of history, patience and time and were shown in Europe, Asia and America.