L'inventari de Maria Solà

L’Inventari (The Inventory) summarises by episodes Maria’s life. The constant movement forced her to arrange her contents in self-published travel books, all following some basic themes: the study of identity, portraits, adventures and the mixing of work and life on wheels: circus.

Her 18 intense years travelling in and out of the photographic machine has provided her with enough material to possess a graphical sum of anecdotes of an amazing size. This exhibition of her strictly analogue stories is a selected resume of her impulsive experimentation.


Maria Solà (Barcelona, 1981)

Multifaceted artist. Photography, theater, puppets, music, illustrations and paintings give colour to her life since she was a child. Born in Barcelona in 1981, she studies graphic design. She lived in Denmark from 2008 until 2015. In 2016 she arrived at Maresme, where she now lives.



Location: Els Rajolers, Plaça de la Vila 7, Vilassar de Dalt