Where I live and work in Southern California, Spanish Colonial architecture is predominant to the point of cliché. Throughout my career, I have photographed the architecture of Guatemala, Columbia, and Mexico, in the Yucatan most recently. In this, my first visit to Spain, the source of this aesthetic, I will spend a week producing 29×50 cm images. The time-consuming, sensual process of wet plate collodion gives me opportunity to explore the origin of the aesthetics that I have come to love in these other countries, allowing some aesthetic memory to inform my work.


Luther Gerlach (Minnesota, 1960)

Luther Gerlach apprenticed with Brett Weston in the 1980’s, before learning the wet plate process which he still works in today. Gerlach has led lectures and demonstrations at the J. Paul Getty Museum in LA since 2001. He has exhibited at many museums around USA and his work belongs to selected permanent collections.