NY una dècada

Seven a.m., I get up, I’m sleeping in a basement in Brooklyn which I share with other street artists. Today I run into a guy with a Leica and I give him a catalog. Once home I open my email. The guy at the metro sends me some tickets for a Magnum Agency exhibition. Coool!!!!! Paolo Pellegrin’s opening. I go there with some friends. There I get to know Cristina Garcia Rodero, she’s charming. The evening starts to get exciting. My colleagues get some blow, I pass! We end up at a strange after party with Japanese geishas. It’s morning already, I feel shit and go to sell photos at the street…


Lluc Queralt (Tarragona, 1978)

Lluc Queralt was born in Tarragona in 1978. He started in photography in the mid 90s thanks to a camera that his mother gave him, a “Canon AE1”. He studies artistic photography. He also travels. Photography sent him to unknown places which he was fortunate to capture.