Ciutats en construcció

There’s a way of doing, a sequence, in the making of the photographic documentary. Leopoldo Plasencia gets the precise moment of the landscape before the urban or architectonic intervention. He is interested in the environment where the intervention which is going to change the features of the place occurs, being mainly seduced and interested in following the transformation process. He highlights the workers, the protagonists, by revealing the community work that the process requires.

The Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC, Photographic Studies Institute of Catalonia) encourages, stimulates and promotes study, research and diffusion of photography.

This work has been curated by IEFC and Isabel Segura.


Leopoldo Plasencia (Canet de Mar, 1906- Barcelona, 1988)

Photographer with a long professional life. His works constitute a tale of the construction of the new cities between the fifties and the sixties. He mainly worked in Barcelona. At the photographic archive of IEFC there are more than 18,000 originals available to be studied.