In Africa the relationship between man and earth has altered little over time; it remains fundamentally simple and uncomplicated. These images portray the everyday lives of those whose dependency on agriculture is unqualified and unstinting, from the people of monochrome western countries where the ground often looks a forlorn challenge, to those who make a living off the more fertile and promising plains towards the East.

Reliance on agriculture is as unchanging as the imperturbable routine of the farmer tending to his chores. The consummation of the bond between him and the ground he harvests requires constant care and diligent husbandry.


Kenneth O’Halloran (Ireland, 1968)

Kenneth O’Halloran is a photographer based in Dublin. His work has appeared in noteworthy magazines and he has been recognized by World Press, American Photography, Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize. He is also a winner of some important awards. He was shortlisted for the Hennessy Portrait Prize in 2017.