Are you Awake?

Are you Awake? is a photo series about the moment something has ended. When there’s no return to that childhood where everything was magical and amazing. You didn’t even notice and now you are on a different journey. Your perception of the world changes, you can see everything you hadn’t noticed before. Worlds are spreading, there are no defined boundaries between past and present; between dreams and being awake. So, is it a dream or is it reality? Is it really happening or is it only in your imagination? Where are you now? What are you looking for? Are you awake?


Kamila Kulik-Maciejewska

Kamila Kulik lives and works in Gdansk, Poland. Photography is a big part of her life, she simply can’t live without it. Nine years ago she picked up a Holga and this quirky and amazing camera stole her heart. Now it’s still her favorite medium format camera.