Les carreteres de l'amor

Long before there were humans, the whole landscape was already marked with paths. Some were migratory paths, others went through rivers or stables half-hidden. They were clean, with no vegetation, and they avoided obstacles winding between trees and rocks without considering those as obstacles, but as harmonic companions of a daily life.

A monkey showed up to start using the pre-existing paths. He was looking for food and was distinguished from the other animals being a clearly different being.

Many of those paths are today paved roads. During the 50s in Europe, some of those became the roads of love.


Jordi Parramon (Manlleu, 1967)

He felt attracted to photography from the family environment. When he was sixteen he already had his darkroom.
hotographer and writer, he uses the camera as pencil and paper to create. From 2014 he is a member of Galeria H2O in Barcelona.