City Hope

In most of the main Latin American capitals, under its layer of housing, firms and buildings, there are satellite colonies that make a living through sorting out and recycling garbage.

Since the mid nineties the slums next to the rubbish dumps at the capitals of Central America and the Caribbean have suffered a radical transformation.

From 15,000 tons of waste a day only 30% of it is recyclable. In places around 2,000 waste collectors work, with a surface of 50,000 square meters. They are urban jungles where chaos is just another route.


Javier Arcenillas (Bilbao, 1973)

PhD in Evolutive Psychology and professor of Documentary Photography. He has won prestigious awards and his documentaries can be read in publications such as El Mundo, Time or GEO. On 2013 he entered in the dictionary of Spanish photographers. He has four books and a Photobolsillo in the  collection Fotógrafos españoles.