This series represents my view of childhood. Through its games, attitudes, I’ve been looking for these faded memories, footprints of which apparently had hidden themselves.

I’ve rewritten some sort of intimate walk, games, attitudes and moments that I have been watching. Taking care of being just an observer on the verge of a magical and mysterious world. Throughout the series, a subtle draft of this period is sketched between the first childhood and pre-adolescence. A poetic world where lightness, solitude and carelessness go together.

Anamnèse shows 40 images made between 2007 and 2015 and won the first award in the Bièvres International Fair.


Isabelle Levistre (Le Havre, France, 1966)

She explores childhood, identity, body. A poetical and feminine universe where reality is subjective, where images suggest more than they show. Photographic author, she enjoys both lab work as well as digital techniques. She lives and works in Paris. From Anamnèse she has made 3 more series called Néréides, Arbor Essence and Melancholia.