La Picnolepsia de Tshombê

We are invited to think over the unequal and complex relationship established between the West and Africa through a mosaic of images, documents and texts, that connect the present with a recent past. The account starts in the sixties, during the complex and exciting process of the African continent’s decolonization; with the mysterious disappearance in Spain of a key man in the history of Congo, and brings us to one aspect of the phenomenon of African immigration: top manta, illegal activity. The manteros, under the Ulysses Syndrome, flee in a group. This phenomenon shows social contradictions that are latent, the particular unfortunate odyssey of desperate flight. Fake paradises.


Gloria Oyarzabal (London, UK, 1971)

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gloria Oyarzabal diversifies her professional activity between photography, cinema and teaching. Her works are seen in PHE PhotoEspaña, Athens PhotoFestival, Lagos PhotoFestival, Thessaloniki, Lecce, Encontros da Imagem, Can Basté (Barcelona), … In 2017 she had artistic residencies in Madrid and Lagos (Nigeria) developing her project on African feminism.