Ser de La Cala

When I write about Ser de La Cala (Being from La Cala) I have to rewrite it again and again. In my memories, new details appear that remind me of the ties with my own childhood.

The relation with l’Amettla de Mar (La Cala) has changed, and the feeling of belonging to the community has also changed along the way. Ser de la Cala is a simple story. It’s the curiosity for the memories that we all want to keep, which carry us to our childhood through photography, with the hope that everything will last.


Gerard Boyer (L’Ametlla de Mar, 1974)

He is a photographer that lives in Tarragona. He focuses his projects on observing the relation between the time and personal experience, as well as the environment in which they occur. In parallel, he focuses his attention on the boundaries between urban and nature.