El viaje de Fernanda

This trip through the Chilean landscape looks and interrogates. The author talks with Nature using a photographic support almost forgotten: a glass that ceases to be transparent and changes to a mirror with memory, the light transformed into a fragile and unique image. In a slow walk, conditioned by the weight and volume of camera, chemicals and equipment, his gaze goes into the dark areas of Nature, rescuing what is ignored, still full of powerful resonances. The emphasis is the shadow, the limit of falling into the black hole. It is a task with the conspiratorial time of the image, not as rival.

Luis Poirot


Fernanda Larraín (Santiago, Chile, 1979)

Photographer for 20 years, she has published 7 books and has exhibited her photographs in Chile, Belgium, France, Spain and Peru. She has been working with humid collodion, platinum / palladium and salted paper for 6 years. Today she lives in Chile and she is dedicated to her photography projects, teaching and to made-to-order laboratory wo