End to End

End-to-End is a journey into the depths of the human being, where  love, insecurity and fear are some of the uneases lived and reflected along twenty rolls of film.
In May of the 2016, together with my partner, a camera and a tiny big being of only two months old inside me, we travelled 341 miles on foot in 28 days from the island La Graciosa (29°15′07′′N 13°30′29′′Or) to the Orchilla Lighthouse on the island of El Hierro (27°42′24′′N 18°08′50′′Or).
This was a journey that would change my life.


Amalia Márquez (Canary Islands, Spain)

Canarian pedagogue and photographer. She moved to Barcelona in 2010 and began to exhibit her work. In 2016 she returned to Gran Canaria where she collaborated with the project Canary Island End-to-End. Its purpose was to document and bring to light, End-to-End, a thrillingly vital and photographic adventure .