La creciente

Landscape and life in the Paraná River Delta

Chaskielberg lived on the islands of the Paraná River Delta, in Argentina, for three years, to photograph the community living there. Influenced by books and stories about the great Paraná River, Alejandro worked far away from the city and absolutely connected with the river, nature and the local people, sharing with them the same daily life. Families, fishermen, sailors, loggers and hunters are part of this portrait of the islands illuminated by the full moon. Working with a large format camera and creating each photo required long exposure times that forced subjects to remain motionless for as much as ten minutes.


Alejandro Chaskielberg (1977)

Graduated as Director of photography,  has established a worldwide reputation for his innovative vision and sensibility that crosses the boundaries between document and art. He received the BURN Emerging Photographer Grant by the Magnum Foundation in 2009 and was titled World Photographer of the Year 2011 by the World Photography Organization.