In this new edition of Revela-T we want to start a new project which will allow us to connect different singular photographic projects. The idea is to organize a meeting with analogue photography-related groups, proposals or festivals from all over the world. Where analogue photography plays an important role. The purpose is to create a platform to project, connect and create a space for the exchange of ideas, methods, knowledge; to get to know each other, to establish links among them and to show those proposals.

The objective of LABsurfing is to be able to create a network and to give visibility to analogue photo projects, to start new joint projects and to ease the diffusion of those to programmers and professionals in the culture sector. And, in a future, to establish an economic support  by differents means (sponsoring firms, public funding, etc.).

In order to make that idea, Revela-T will organize some sessions where 10 projects, previously selected among the ones that register, will be presented in the festival 2018, taking advantage of the assistance of thousands of people to the festival.

During the sessions, groups will have time to show their project and time to reply questions from the audience, which will help them to make their project known to the audience.

To participate you only have to register explaining us your project using the form.

The sessions will have the following structure: 10 projects x 10 minutes to explain the project + 10 minutes of Q&A. 10×10+10

We are looking for funds to give a cash prize to one of the projects chosen by a jury.



10:00h Credentials and welcome coffee.

10.15h Opening of LABSurfing Sessions 2018 introduced by TBD.

10.25h Presentation of projects 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

12.15h Coffee break.

12.30h Conference “TBD” by TBD.

14.00h Lunch break.

16.00h Presentation of projects 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

17.30h Debate “TBD” by TBD.

18.30h Closing