Once again we open the call to receive people who want to participate in the Creative and Experimentation Photographic Residency. An enriching proposal which will be held at Revela-T 2018, at the end of May, 18th till 25th.

During 7 days, the selected photographers will live and work in several projects which will be exhibited in the festival in 2019. This exchange will be coordinated by the photographers Ana Tornel y Joaquín Paredes.

The objective of this activity is to create true cultural and artistic exchange in order to allow and promote that these artists develop a common project: a project that goes beyond the pure addition of individual works. The point is, in fact, to summon several photographers, each one with a unique vision, sensibility, point of view, experience, with his/her knowledge and techniques, around a common theme that allows the appearance of an artistic expression as a whole. Do as connecting vessels, where each artist can express himself/herself individually as well as being part of a collective work.

Participants will work on the theme proposed by the organization, with the technique or techniques that they prefer. This working environment will allow sharing concepts and procedures, as well as to work with different techniques, methods and processes chosen by the participants.

Selection and evaluation criteria

The professional trajectory will be considered as well as the interest of the proposed work, suitability to the resources available in Revela-T as well as technique o techniques used and how the theme would enrich the artistic and cultural Exchange and the proposed theme for the selection of candidates

The selection of participants will be made by the organization and it is not subject to appeal. The organization will solve any circumstance not addressed in these bases.


The artistic expression will be channeled to the following theme. Teams will be made according to the wishes of the participants, the capacity of the places to be photographed or the needs of the photographers.

How to apply

Requesting participation

Opened to all photographers from any nationality that work mainly with chemical or analogue photographic processes and who are willing to develop their personal work as a group during the artistic exchange.

Applications have to be made filling the form below before February 15th 2018.

The list of selected photographers will be published in Revela-T website from April 2nd. They will be contacted personally to formalize the acceptation.

A maximum of 10 applications will be selected.

The theme for the next edition, 2018, refers to the poem by Homer that tells the adventures of Odysseyus (Ulysses) in his journey home from the conquered Troy to Ithaca. The word “odyssey” has become in the universal language “a journey full of adventures”.

An adventure where the main objective is not the final destination but the journey itself, an journey that enriches and transforms us in such a way that we won’t be the same as we were when we started it.

Analogue photography helps to make projects with a more relaxed tempo and view, long term projects where the journey becomes the main thing and, sometimes, a life project where the photographer grows with it.

We are looking for projects like yours, where you have invested enough time, which has changed the way you see the initial objective of your journey. A journey where you enrich yourself emotionally and becomes part of your way of live.

This is a wide theme with as many interpretations as people are. The richness of the project will be bigger with as much proposals it can generate.

Material resources

Revela-T will provide a proper place to work as well as a lab to process the photographic materials.

The material resources to develop the artistic activity will be provided by each participant.

Revela-T will provide the necessary permits to photograph and promote the works made (publications and exhibitions).


Participants agree in developing their work during the time of this activity and to share their experience and knowledge in order to create an exchange of knowledge in an environment of photographic immersion.

Participants authorize that their name is mentioned and to reproduce their works for the diffusion that Revela-T considers necessary related to the activity. The rights of the works are reserved to the artist.

The author who wishes can donate voluntarily any of the works created during the exchange so it becomes part of the Revela-T collection.

During the exchange there will be three meetings of the group. First one, presentations, were each participant can show their own personal works to share it with the rest of the group. An evolution meeting to solve doubts and to share the state of the works, and a final one where each artist will show the fruit of his/her work, and the final format to be used when it’s exhibited in the next edition of Revela-T.

Hosting and Meals

Revela-T will host in a double room for free to the assistants. Revela-T will take care as well of lunches. Dinners are not covered.


We are working to try to find an economical reward to one or severals of the projects made during the residency.

Participants have to assume the travel expenses and all those expenses not covered by Revela-T.

In the evenings there will be other activities related to analogue photography such as speeches, projections, lectures, demonstrations, that will be free for the participants of the exchange. Assistants can also benefit of a special discount in the workshops done during the festival.