Friday 25th of may


Sales de Plata and Carmencita travel to Vilassar de Dalt to share all their knowledge at a workshop called “Keys to shoot film”

It’ll bring analogue photography closer to all those who are curious about it and who wants to discover more about the analogue world, leaving digital behind effortless.

The idea is to share everything that they have learnt year after year with photographers from all over the world. Therefore we have decided to put all this knowledge on paper and as an intensive workshop during a whole day, it couldn’t be easier. Sharing all the basics around analogue photography as it’s been shoot today. Being an open book and explaining all the keys to shoot film.

What has to be done, what shouldn’t, how to expose, kinds of film available and their characteristics… all that will be explained among other things.

As it’s easier said than done, there will be theory and a hands on part at the workshop..

With the workshop there is included a roll of film together with developing and scanning. This roll will be shot during the practical part of the workshop. Then, when we send you your photos you will see the results of the hands on part after the explanations in the workshop.

  • Film and cameras
    • Formats
    • Camera formats
    • Kinds of rolls
    • Film latitude
    • Film pushing
  • Exposure
    • How to explose for color film
    • Using the light meter on daylight
    • How to expose B&W film
    • Why overexpose
  • Darkroom work
    • What to ask to a lab
    • Communication
    • The importance of a good developing
    • Differences among scanners


Schedule:  de 4-8 pm
Date: Friday 25th of may
Place: Museu Arxiu Municipal
Price: 50 €    Film, developed and scanned included

Shooting Film Workshop