Glowing Darkness

Glowing Darkness wants to show the need of the photographer to find moments of quietness in an environment that disturbs him, such as the city of Barcelona, considering that he comes from a village with a completely opposite environment. This project was born from the contraposition between the two worlds that shape his life today, this dichotomy becomes explicit in the same city: chaotic during daytime and serene at night.

The collection shows a selection of several nights in the streets of Barcelona behind his camera, plunging into this atmosphere, still hostile to him, to somehow try to make it his.


Sergi Matés

Sergi Matés’s work as a photographer is based in quotidianity, what surrounds him while adopting an observer role behind the camera to try to be able to alienate himself from the present. He tries to to participate in the lives of others getting the essence of the moments to make them eternal.



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