In my taxi: 1980-2012

In my taxi shows the work of four decades by the American artist and cab driver Ryan Weideman.

Working the 5 pm to 5 am night shift, his checkered taxi became the perfect vehicle to
document the rich night-life of New York City for over thirty years, spanning from the
roaring 1980s, through the hip-hop and grunge of the 1990s, and well into the new
millennium. Weideman often included himself in his images without leaving his camera, pre-dating the selfie phenomenon by decades. Looking at them, we are witnessing the passage of time, from years to decades.


Ryan Weideman (USA, 1941)

In 1980 Weideman travelled to New York to become a street photographer. After graduating with an  MFA from the College of Arts & Crafts, Weideman already had a great style. Currently his work is exhibited in museums such as Brooklyn, Chicago, Oakland, as well as many prestigious private collections. He has received numerous awards.