Crónicas de un desembarco

I hear a small tale that takes me to Maderuelo, Castella. The trip as an excuse to give meaning to experiences, to have several timelines available, physical, metaphorical and imaginary… to be able to understand them as a field of reflexion, vital. The trip suggests a frontier, this border where present, past and future compose the creative process built from an inner being, and which shows itself in the landscape. This series shows the transit of the own living moments, through these poetical spaces where the unusual becomes one, where photography escapes all control, where no effect can be calculated. And he does that through a trip with no heading, in a constant research, letting be drawn by the dizziness of the experience, the displacement and, in fact, of the desire to build an image of the world where his own presence is manifested.


Israel Ariño

Barcelona, 1974. Bachelor in Fine Arts. Since 2001, he settles finally as a professional in the field of image, sharing his time between teaching, editor at Ediciones Anómalas ad producing his own works. His work, present in several public and private collections, is being regularly exhibited in Spain and France..


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