La pell de l'estiu

Liquid emulsion on handmade cotton paper.

La pell de l’estiu is like a travel diary shown to us cracked, as if its pages had been torn away in pairs and shown in an isolated, and apparently unconnected, way.

Even being Summer and travel photos, this diary doen-t deal with time or place, but with an emotional travel. The photos, far from being typical holiday pictures, try to show the feelings of pleasure and nostalgia that invide me during summertime. These sensations and experiences are etched in my skin and leave a trace in the same way as the light of the sun etches the photographic image over the photosensitive support. Our own skin is a notebook where all travels are written.


Gabriela Tuparova (1988)

I am a photographer and I’m pasionate about visual arts. I am from Bulgaria. I’ve been living and working in Barcelona for 16 years. Here I also completed my degree in Fine Arts (Universitat de Barcelona, 2014).
The themes that my work deals with are usually inspired in daily life and the simple things that surround us. I take pictures not only to document my life but also to understand it and to understand myself.


Espai de fotografia Francesc Català Roca

Casa Golferichs, Gran Via, 491, Barcelona

Tel. 93 325 72 91 / 93 325 7787