The environments in which people move constitute an ecosystem that moulds the individual, their interaction with them and the relationships they develop, they create a network of places related each person. But what happens when these environments are decreased? How does a person, who has made that environment its life, live?


Eric Garrido

Born in Santander with training in professional photography and design at the Art School of Lleida. During this period of time, he has moved through different photographic trends, drawing himself on both the most artistic side and in the graphic and documentary report. Interested in the world of art, he recieves constant stimulus that are later reflected in his photographs. Currently, he focuses on the social field, working on different long-term projects.


Espai de fotografia Francesc Català Roca

Casa Golferichs, Gran Via, 491, Barcelona

Tel. 93 325 72 91 / 93 325 7787