In 2017 we included the call for exhibition projects with a subject that linked the Festival contents, Hidden.

Last year we received 280 exhibitor proposals. This year we advance the submission and delivery period to be able to assume with more time the selection and commissioning of these proposals.



The theme for 2018 edition refers to the poem of Homer that recounts the adventures of Odysseus (Ulysses) on his journey from the conquered Troy to
his return home, Ithaca. "Odyssey" has come to mean in the universal language "a voyage full of adventures".

A journey, where the final destination stops being the main objective anymore the journey itself becomes the objective, a path that enriches and transforms us in such a way that we will never again be the same as when it began.

Analog photography leads to projects with a more relaxed vision and time, long-lasting projects where the path itself becomes the main subject and, often, a life project where the photographer developes himself next to it.

We are looking for projects like yours, in which you have devoted enough time so that you have changed the way you saw the original purpose of your trip, a path in which you have become emotionally enriched and that is already part of your way of life.

This is a very broad subject and with as many interpretations as many of you, and the richness of your project will also be greater as more interpretations are generated.



If you have a good photographic project to show and you want thousands of people to see it and, whether you took part in previous calls, or if you felt like doing it, now you have a new opportunity.

The sixth edition of the Revela-T Festival will be held from May 4 till 27, 2018. The exhibition halls will be open on weekends and for previously established activities or visits. The most important weekend, as always, will be the last one, May 25, 26 and 27, 2018.

You can send us your proposal by filling in the form that you will access by clicking the I WANT TO PARTICIPATE button.

The admission period will close on December 31, 2017. Starting on January 1, 2018 we will start making the selection and in mid-January we will announce those proposals that will participate in the 2018 edition.



We will give a single prize of € 1000 to the best exhibition presented. A jury at the festival itself will choose the winning exhibition.

We hope this prize will be an additional incentive to participate. In addition the Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto, organizer of the Festival, will buy
photographs for a total value of 1000 € among several of the exhibitor photographers.

We hope to be able to increase these sums in future editions or find sponsors for a prize in this call.