The secrets of Cyanotype

with Constanza Isaza & Andrés Pantoja | Lux Darkroom (London)

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process invented by Sir John Hershel in 1842. Iron salts that are sensitive to UV light are used to create a photographic image in Prussia blue hues.

Cyanotype is one of the most popular photographic processes as it’s very easy and has a low cost. However, it can provide with images extremely creative and interesting.

This workshop is an introduction to this historical process suitable to those who want to learn to make copies in paper that is sensitized by hand, using one of the oldest chemical processes in the history of photography.

During the workshop participants will learn to prepare the chemical solutions, sensitize the paper, expose, develop, clean and tone the prints. Participants can make photograms and copies from objects and negatives that we will have available. They can also bring and look for interesting objects to make photograms.


  • Introduction 
  • History of the process 
  • Preparing the chemical solutions 
  • Sensitizing the paper · Negatives
  • Exposure 
  • Developing 
  • Toning 
  • Discussing the process and q&a 



Participants who want to make copies of their images should send 2 to 4 files in high resolution (at least 300dpi, 15x20cm) to before May 10th with the subject “Taller Revela-T”

We will provide the printed negatives.

Reduced fee till 9th May

The workshop fee includes the meal at a nearby restaurant. Once the workshop ends we will go to the official inauguration of Revela-T Festival at Fábrica de cal Garbat with some of the photographers that exhibit their works.

The price for one workshop includes also a Revela-T 2017 t-shirt. If you enroll to two workshops you will get for free the t-shirt plus the book of this edition. If you enroll to three, you get the t-shirt, the book and the ticket for all the other activities of the festival: exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations, guided tours, etc..

Lux Darkroom is a laboratory in London that offers workshops and private formation in a big array of analogue and historical photographic processes, including cyanotype, salted paper and photo etching.


Constanza Isaza Martínez is a visual artist based in London. She primarily works with antique photographic processes. She took her studies in photography at Westminster University in 2007. In 2012 she got her master’s degree in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Her work is characterized by her research in Art History and her interest in the physical presence of the photographic print, the artistic possibilities of analogue and historic processes and the importance of the process in the meaning of the work.

She has taken part in artistic residences in Canada, Italy and the USA. Her work has been exhibited internationally and it is present in private collections in England, Colombia, Canada and the USA.

She lives and works in London and she’s the co-founder of Lux Darkroom, a place devoted to research and to teach the historical and analogue processes. Constanza teaches workshops regularly at Lux Darkroom and for customers such as Cambridge School of Art and London College of Communication.


Andrés Pantoja is a visual artist based in London who works mainly with photography. After graduating as graphic designer and working as freelance, he drifted towards a career in Plastic and Visual Arts. He gets his meritorious thesis in 2010. He has worked as visual artist, graphic designer and independent photographer. His artistic practice focuses in the relationship between digital, analogue and historic photographic processes, and the intersection between light and shadows.

He has done a great number of exhibitions in the UK as well as internationally, among others in Italy, Spain, Argentina and Colombia. He works in documentary photography and he’s the co-founder of Lux Darkroom in London.

On 2015 Constanza and Andrés, together with Melanie King, broke the world record of world’s biggest cyanotype with a cyanotype measuring 7.5x15m commissioned by Wellcome Trust in London. This cyanotype has been exhibited in Revela-T 2015 and at St. John’s church in Bethnal Green, London.


Schedule: Friday 26 May from 10:00-14:00h y de 16:00-20:00h

Language: Spanish

Positions: 12


Place: Sala Polivalent can Rafart de Vilassar de Dalt