Selected Work, by Taichi Gondaira, Valid Foto BCN


OFF Revela-T BCN

In his work, his recurrent theme is women wearing kimono.

The reason is because he loves Japan, and because he wants to preserve the traditional culture. The figure of the Japanese woman wearing a kimono fascinates him.

During 10 years he has captured a lot of images of them and he has realized that he was looking for a special quality. The theme that harmonizes his work isn’t Japanese women but invisible feelings that cannot be captured in our daily life.

He visualizes those feelings that are kept in women’s hearts and preserve them in platinum prints over Ganpi paper. There, the “feelings” become pieces of art.

Their proposal is giving photography a status as a valuable object in all its possible categories and manifestations. Before exhibiting work by an author or holding any related event, they look for professional validation, independent and precise, so those who rely on them don’t ever feel disappointed.


Location: Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 6, 08018 Barcelona