Pam / Plossu, by Max Pam and Bernard Plossu

Australia and Vietnam

Curated by Eduardo Momeñe 

The Pam / Plossu exhibition depicts on paper the long and solid friendship between the photographers Max Pam and Bernard Plossu.

This exhibition is a journey in itself, a photographic journey, interior, inevitably literary, full of words with their silences, murmurs, as are great photographes when they want to talk about the world.

It is also a dialogue, expressed in images, photographs that look at each other, -which look at us - that are supported, shared, obtained in different places and at different times, united by complicity: a same world.

For four decades they have shared their passion for photography, for a way of understanding life - for the journey, no doubt - and many other common interests. 

Location: Sala de l'Estrella. Carrer del carme, 3. Vilassar de Dalt.