Already thinking in 2018

We keep the good memories from all the exhibitions, workshops, lectures, the commercial fair, the market, the good atmosphere, of all the new friends that we have made, and of those that we meet here every year. This has been the best edition of this festival that grows every year. We hope to even improve it on the next edition.

We are already working on it. Now we are dismounting exhibitions, sending the Works to their authors and making balance of everything that has been done to improve it. Therefore we ask to all of you that came to the festival to fill in this form.

It won’t take long and in exchange you can win a Fuji Instax camera, one of the sponsors of the festival. We will draft it at the end of June. That will help us a lot to make an impact assessment and to know the profile of the visitors to the festival.

On the upcoming months we will announce again new workshops, and we will keep you informed of all the news through social media, or if you prefer, through our newsletter. You can sign in for the newsletter at the bottom of the webpage.

You can sign in for the newsletter at the bottom of the webpage. Thank you very much for your help and we will see each other again in 2018.

Here you have the video that sums this fifth edition of our festival, video by Pep Prats 

Please use the hashtag #revelat17 in the photos you have taken during the festival