Gyahtei: Resigned to Death, by Manabu Yamanaka


The artist believes that most people desire to live the life they have been given to its fullest, and then they seek a peaceful ending in their final moments.

He saw this as he gazed upon an old woman. He sensed not anguish on her face but a gentle tranquility.

For her, time seemed only to pass quietly. It is simply "existence" in a pure and unadulterated form.

Soon, this old lady would arrive at a state of quiet and peaceful existence.

What he believes he succeeded in capturing on film was the final corporeal form of a human being before this release.

Manabu, participating in exhibitions since 1989. As a Buddhist his gaze perceives the less obvious side of beauty and chooses its themes according to the principles of Zen.


Location: Fábrica de Cal Garbat. Mossén Jacint Verdaguer, 8. Vilassar de Dalt